Eraser Priva-HY Feminine Hygiene Wash

Presenting #Intimate #Hygiene #Wash by #IPSALABS. #Safe and #Neutral way to protect your intimacy. #PrivaHy #Eraser

Eraser Priva-Hy Feminine Hygiene Wash With Herbal Actives is a gentle and safe cleanser for intimate parts which is specially formulated for women`s hygiene. It is totally soap free, alkali free and balanced pH. The use of soap on private parts disturbs the acid-alkali balance because the soaps have alkali base. When the vaginal environment becomes alkaline then the number of lactic acid bacillus diminishes and microbes fill up most of the space. This state is called dysbacteriosis and is characterized by fish like odour or abundant discharge from vagina. In this condition Doctor`s consultation is a must. Dysbacteriosis leads to inflammation, itching, redness in private parts & chances of sexually transmitted diseases also increases. In some cases in can even lead to cervix cancer.

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